0 to 60 pages in minutes. Automate-IT builds catalogue pages fast, drastically reducing the time to market. Streamline production, enable regional versioning, and empower your marketing department to deliver communications faster.

Catalogue production is a complex and time-consuming process of product selection, layout, design, approvals and distribution involving many staff. Automate-IT was created to streamline, simplify and (as the name suggests) automate these complex processes. 

The result is increased efficiency, simplified versioning for localisation/segmentation, and even the ability to create personalised versions of the master catalogue.

At the heart of Automate-IT is the product library - where products, images, logos, splashes and copy are signed off and approved. Once approved the product can be placed into InDesign, exported to an ecommerce site, used in ticketing, or simply managed and updated. 

Finally, unlike any other system Automate-IT keeps you linked to the InDesign page right up to the very last minute – so alterations made on your web page appear on the designer’s page. 

Automate-IT key benefits