DAM-IT is a user-friendly, centralised digital asset repository system capable of storing and distributing all your digital marketing collateral. From logos to product shots, from lifestyle images to splashes and TVCs, DAM-IT can store and deliver to your enterprise.

The power of DAM-IT is magnified by the ability to import metadata and move around hundreds of assets via a spreadsheet, ensuring you can be up and running fast.

Your organisation spends hours every week looking for digital assets, plus many more hours repurposing and delivering these digital assets. DAM-IT streamlines these two costly processes, reducing your time to market and improving efficiencies throughout your business. 

DAM-IT is the foundation of your product library – where digital assets, images and logos are combined with copy so they can be streamed seamlessly into catalogues and ecommerce websites. It also enables the creation of personalised marketing channels!

Dam-IT key benefits