Artwork Automation

Streamlining sales and marketing communications

Here is a digital artwork fact: anything that works in a template or is defined within the brand guidelines of a business and which is consistent and repeatable can be automated. All artwork that adheres to these basic principles can be produced without human intervention in fraction of the time. For example DO-IT’s Automate-IT application can create a 60 page catalogue in minutes. Ticket-IT can create and distribute 1000’s for POS Instore-tickets to 1000’s of stores in seconds and Deliver-IT can ensure a network of a thousand retail stores can create perfect localised adverts in minutes within strict brand guidelines.

Automation of your digital artwork streamlines and optimizes the marketing channels and can save massive amounts of time and ironically, in the same breath. give increased consistency and greater brand integrity. So whether it is a salesforce automation project, a campaign to a national network of stores, or a multi tear franchisor and franchisee partnership it is both realistic and cost effective to increase the speed to market and maximise brand consistency with digital artwork automation processes. 

Regardless of the channel to market, or the adopted sales process and the choosen campaign genre, the DO-IT marketing platform can streamline, validate, control and optimize the delivery of marketing collateral. For example, a combination of Deliver-IT and DAM-IT can facilitate getting marketing collateral online, enable personalisation to a particular client, empower geographical localisation of the message and implement web to lead strategies through a CRM for sales team success.

By automating your marketing with DO-IT, you’ll eliminate repetitive tasks and enjoy increased brand and product consistency. Plus, because it’s a modular system you can easily customise and choose which parts of the DO-IT platform will be beneficial to your business.

  • Steamline productions

DO-IT’s Automate-IT application can create a 60 page catalogue in minutes, leaving only the finessing of the page

  • Simplified approval process
  • The ability to approve pages in Approve-IT optimises the approval process and provides a comprehensive reporting and audit trail.
  • Localise

Once a master version is produced the automation can switch out versioned and localised products easily

  • Right message, right time, right format

The construction of a product library means that products can be delivered quickly and easily to other systems, sales force automation, ecommerce, catalogues and mailers

  • Increased accuracy

    If the product library is kept up to date as one central point of truth the increases efficiency and accuracy considerably reduce time to market.