The Technology of Brand Management

Air traffic control for your brand

The technology of brand creation invariably means everything about your physical brand is, or once was, digital. If you are wise all this digital information will be safely housed in a central repository known as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system which is accessible 24/7. A DAM system will give your business the control, consistency and confidence to i) search and retrieve those digital files quickly. ii) repurpose and distribute brand collateral smartly across your business. iii) Empower and streamline your marketing automation processes because the last thing that you need is a DAM system disconnected from all of your marketing automation processes.

When looking for a DAM system it is important to confirm that these three critical features are mandatary. This will empower you to repurpose one asset or thousands of assets at the press of a button and deliver them to where it is needed at the right size. It will also allow you to seamlessly integrate into your marketing automation solutions, your eCommerce systems, your salesforce automation and your catalogue automation workflow. Finally, a full command rich API is critical to allow you to talk directly to other in-house applications and to totally streamline and automate time consuming processes.

The DAM-IT system is at the heart of the DO-IT Marketing Delivery Platform and consequently totally integrated into the whole DO-IT Marketing Platform. DAM-IT ensures that the right file is in the right place at the right time and in the right format, so a file, or thousands of files, can be uploaded once and published anywhere. By formalising and streamlining your marketing with DAM-IT, you’ll eliminate many time consuming, repetitive tasks and enjoy increased brand and product consistency. Plus, because DO-IT is a modular system you can easily customize, configure and choose other applications of the DO-IT platform to work with DAM-IT which will be beneficial to your business and your speed to market.

  • Search and retrieve assets quickly

A primary function of a DAM is to search and retrieve digital assets, DAM-IT allows you to search across all standard and custom metadata fields quickly and easily

  • Upload asset metadata via a spreadsheet

DAM-IT allows you to upload metadata against a digital asset from a spreadsheet making the system incredibly efficient and effective.

  • Upload hundreds of assets at a time

DAM-IT allows the uploading of multiple assets, and once uploaded they can be moved to the correct location automatically making it easy and quick to setup.

  • Right asset, right time, right format.

Extensive control of access permissions and groups within DAM-IT ensures the right asset is available only to the right people in the right format 24/7 .

  • Enable marketing automation

Work across multiple marketing channels and phases with consistency, and deliver 1-2-many or 1-2-1 marketing seamlessly.

  • Ensure accuracy

Update once, publish anywhere, smartly.