Installation and Campaign Management

Right image, right place, right time, every time.

The old adage “you can’t manage remotely” is invariably true. Issues with visibility, accountability, auditing and reporting are all difficult and time consuming to manage effectively from a distance. Install-IT empowers you and your team with the visibility to keep track of remote installations, whether it is a single vehicle or a multi branded fleet of thousands. Whether it is a local campaign with a few placement points or a national retail campaign with hundreds of placement points across hundreds of stores. 

Install-IT, as part of the DO-IT Marketing Delivery Platform, provides a perfect solution to manage remote installations of marketing collateral. Install-IT works in two distinct vertical markets: - i) Vehicle fleet brand management and ii) Campaign management for multiple placement points. Install-IT for vehicles allows you to execute your fleet branding needs and Install-IT for retail stores and outdoor campaigns ensures your message is in the right place at the right time, every time.

With Install-IT, jobs are quickly and easily created through the online ordering screen. A job might have one task, e.g. wrap a vehicle, or multiple tasks for example place 427 posters of 8 different sizes in 273 retail location as part of a national retail marketing campaign. Each task, within each job, can have a different workflow. But typically an installer is required to accept the job on his Smartphone, start the process and then take pictures of the finished installation before marking the job complete. Once done images of the completed job are instantly processed through an approval process.

Install-IT, without leaving your desk, gives you the status, from start to finish, for each job and for each task. Images are sent in real time by installers for your confirmation and signoff, potentially before they leave the site. After the completion of the job, all images and details are automatically filed and stored in DAM-IT – providing a complete view of every campaign for future reference and audit trail.  The final result? A simple, centralised installation process, providing a major reduction in time spent organising, managing and approving installed jobs.

  • Manage installations

Real-time visibility of all aspects of jobs and tasks relating to brand marketing collateral placement.

  • Simplified approval process

The ability to approve jobs quickly and easily through a simple easy to use interface.

  • Installer Management

Provide head office with the ability to take control of all installations and placement points from the desk.

  • Right message, right time, right format. 

Ensure that the right message is in the right location at the right time with clear audit trails, images and validation of installation.

  • Ensure accuracy

Update once, publish anywhere.