Retail, Multi-Site and Franchise Marketing

Create once, publish and deliver everywhere and anywhere

Policing brand conformance is incredibly challenging particularly across a network of any size, it is time consuming and more often than not very frustrating. For this specific reason we created the DO-IT Marketing Delivery Platform to enable ordering, distribution, downloading and localisation of marketing collateral in just a few clicks of your mouse. The DO-IT Marketing Delivery Platform for franchises, and multiple site retail stores provides a centralised portal, filled with your marketing collateral. The portal ensures a strict adherence to the latest brand guidelines, gives 24/7 access and at the same time captures and empowers the knowledge of the local store or local sales force within brand guidelines. 

By automating your marketing with the DO-IT Marketing Delivery Platform you’ll eliminate those time consuming repetitive tasks and start enjoying increased brand and product consistency without those annoying frustrations. You will get everyone on message quickly and easily. Brand integrity will increase and your brand will become coherent, consistent, and easier to manage when making those fine adjustments that the market forces on you from time to time. Plus, because DO-IT is a web based system with one access point for all users your reporting and audit trail becomes all-encompassing with increased visibility, more meaningful data, measurable reports and consistent audit points. The guess work of who is using what and where is reduced and the process moves from a qualitative gut feel to a more analytical quantitative process of who is spending what and when, for a measurable return.

  • Deploy marketing fast

Reduces your time to market with 24/7 access.

  • Improve visibility of sales channel

Extensive reporting ensures that your marketing team has visibility of usage and amendments, ensuring a more responsive approach to your sales channel.

  • Empower local marketing

Give local markets the ability to take control of their own marketing within pre-approved brand guidelines.

  • Deliver brand consistency

Through the use of simple or complex templates Deliver-IT can distribute marketing messages faster and more effectively than other methods. 

  • Enable multichannel marketing

Get the ability to work across multiple marketing channels and phases with consistency, bringing 1-2-many or 1-2-1 marketing seamlessly to the desktop.

  • Ensure accuracy

Update once, publish anywhere.