Streamline your ticketing

Retailers who underestimate the importance of clear, accurate, meaningful, consistent and on-brand in-store ticketing do so at their peril.

But while the mantra of ‘no ticket, no sale’ is one of the first things we learn as retailers − and repeat daily − the fact remains that ticketing is perceived as a necessary burden for most retailers. The resources required to update, lay-out, print, distribute and maintain price tickets are significant − regardless of whether you have a couple of stores or a nationwide network. Some days just keeping them on the shelf is impossible.

The challenges posed by the ticketing process don’t stop there. How many tickets that have been carefully printed, counted and distributed never see the light of day? A certain amount of wastage is seen as a given by support office teams who make best guesstimates for quantities required throughout store networks − where one size most definitely does not fit all.

The ability to swiftly execute price changes at a local level has also eluded many retailers whose ticketing is centrally controlled for quality and accuracy purposes, and a two day turnaround is typical.

As is the trend in today’s connected retailer environments, technology is finally providing smarter solutions to operational challenges and in the ticketing space, cloud-based solution Ticket-IT is a flexible way forward for retailers to automating and simplifying their ticketing processes. Streamline your ticketing Juanita Neville-Te Rito CEO of Hotfoot. For more information, contact: [email protected]

Ticket-IT distributes ticketing data via the web for local printing into pre-approved templates and provides an instant fix to problems of brand and content compliance, super powering your promotional ticketing. A surprising amount of ticketing information is still held in spreadsheets with a mix of time-consuming manual and partially automated processes involved − but increasingly the benefits of a ticketing system are being harnessed.

National liquor retailer Liquorland was an early adopter of Ticket-IT, which uses the system across their network of franchisee stores.

Morgan McCann, National Retail Manager for Liquorland, says, “Rolling Ticket-IT into over 80 of our franchisee stores was a huge step forwards for brand consistency and accuracy of our promo tickets throughout our network. The feedback from our stores is that there is less wastage, it’s easy to use and it’s flexible − allowing franchisees to create their own unique messages at the touch of a button.”

Countdown, Nosh, Huckleberry, Unichem and Life Pharmacy are other retailers at various stages of incorporating Ticket-IT into their businesses.

“We are working with a group of clients who are front footing the integration of smarter technology solutions into their approach to marketing and merchandising,” says Gina Brugh, Project Manager for Ticket-IT.

Similar motivations of paring back operational processes and striving for accurate brand execution were central to food retailer Nosh Food Market’s decision to deploy Ticket-IT.

“We’ve been able to drive some real operational efficiencies by using Ticket-IT. It’s removed time and hassle from the promotional ticketing process and the brand consistency we get from store to store is a real win for customer communication,” says Hayden Syers, CEO of Nosh.

Being a cloud-based solution, Ticket-IT is quick and easy to implement, and doesn’t usually require any IT facilitation − giving it an advantage over other systems as it runs off a simple Excel spreadsheet.

There’s no new software to purchase or install, so getting up and running usually takes between six and eight weeks from briefing to printing tickets in stores. Once ticket templates are designed and agreed, ticket production time is reduced from days to minutes.

“Instantly you’ve got the ability to upload your promotional ticket batch from wherever you are. Whether it’s just a handful or hundreds of tickets, you can login, upload and distribute your tickets to as many stores as you need to,” says Gina.

To illustrate the flexibility and simplicity of this click-and-jobdone process, Gina relates how one of Ticket-IT’s most prolific users ran a New Year promotional ticket batch from a beach house. Rather than driving back to the office to oversee the job, it was a case of logging on, uploading and distributing.

“Cloud-based computing has changed the way we can access information and work from anywhere, anytime and there’s no reason ticketing shouldn’t be done the same way,” she adds.

This convenience and competitive edge also applies to individual stores − a winning formula for retailers. For example, if local pricing needs to be changed to react to a local competitor offer or just a couple of torn or missing tickets need replacing, new tickets can be produced on the spot which are brand consistent.

In any retail environment, driving cost and process efficiency and transparency are priorities and, after an affordable initial set up fee, Ticket-IT works on a very simple user based subscription rate – or a per store per month subscription cost.

Printing in store may be a new process, but here costs are kept to a minimum as only black print is required onto pre-prepared coloured ticket shells − perforated for easy execution. And, there is no investment required in special printer technologies as a standard laser or deskjet printer can do the job.

As silent salespeople, tickets play a vital role on the path to purchase. They have to communicate not only accurate pricing, but savings, product details, features and benefits, seasonal events and brand. It’s a lot to ask for a piece of paper − generally A6 or smaller − and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from retailers that smarter, more reliable ways to address the burden of ticketing are at hand.